1, the station will be on the information you provide to carry out strict management and protection, use the corresponding technology, protects your personal information is lost, stolen or have been tampered with. But the Internet does not exist" perfect safety measures", so we do not promise the information is absolutely safe.

2, we will do our best to support you at this site to submit information security and stability, not liable for network transmission specificity as a result of the risk, nor the warranty of any kind.

3, we will not provide to any third party, sell, rent, share and exchange your personal information, but in the following circumstances, we will in good faith to disclose your information: (1) the maintenance and protection of the station, the other you and the public interest requirements; (2) the station in cooperation with third parties, to provide you with more perfect service, but the third party after the cooperation will be immediately banned access to relevant information; (3) the corresponding laws or government asked the website to cooperate to provide relevant information.

4, at the same time, you should also be careful to deal with personal information, to guarantee information security, accurate, authentic, effective. If for any reason the information is compromised, please contact us immediately.