Recruitment Information

Job recruitment: Warehouse Number of recruits: 1 (male)
Job responsibilities:
Job requirements: Warehouse Management 2 years work experience, familiar with office software, hard-working, self-motivated.

Job recruitment: Foreign trade clerk Number of recruits: More than (female)
Job responsibilities:
Job requirements: Foreign work experience more than one year;
Business English, the international trade-related profession;
English for more than fluency in oral expression;
Strong communication skills, awareness of unity and cooperation.

Job recruitment: Human Resources Manager Number of recruits: 2
Job responsibilities: 1 : Participate in the development of human resources strategic planning, providing advice and information support for the major personnel decisions ;
2: with the Chief Operating Officer to do the establishment of the various grades of staff development system , do the daily management of staff development ;
Job requirements: 1: Human resources, management , or Bachelor degree or above .
2:Human Resource Management 2:5 years relevant work experience.
3: clear , fluent oral ;